JOURNAL INDEX - Mike and Marilyn's 2001 TransAmerica Bike Trip

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April 21: Training ride up Grand Coulee ends with bent wheel
May 7:  The plan.. the plan..
May 13: Send-off Party/Mother's Day
May 19: Virginia Beach - Bicycles, planes, and automobiles
May 20: Yes Virginia! There really is a bike trip.
May 21: Colonial day, stormy night
May 22: The Civil War remembered
May 23: Lost on TransAm Map #12, Section 146
May 24: The ups and downs of bike touring: bonking into Charlottesville
May 25: Lay-over day in Charlottesville
May 26: Granny gears to the Cookie Lady
May 27: Blue Ridge Parkway.......enough hills, already!!
May 28: More rolling through southern Appalachia
May 29: Taking an easy day
May 30: Free camping again.
May 31: Off route for a "hot share".
June 1: Rained off the route.
June 2: Back on the TransAm route, climbing resumes
June 3: Last night in Virginia


June 4: At the mercy of the weather in Elkhorn City
June 5: Escape from Elkhorn City
June 6: Taking the Hazardous route
June 7: Beginning to leave the hills and rain behind...for now
June 8: Sweet day of riding. We get a brake...and send it back.
June 9: An easy day in Kentucky Blue Grass country
June 10: Roller coaster riding through Kentucky's pioneer history
June 11: Land of Lincoln's childhood
June 12: From market to market to get out of the heat
June 13: More of the same only hotter
June 14: Last day in Kentucky

June 15: Across the Ohio River to Illinois
June 16: Staying alive at 95 (degrees)
June 17: Into Carbondale
June 18: The Incredible Lightness of Biking


June 19: West of the Mississippi  
June 20: Taking on the Ozarks  
June 21: More Ozarks  
June 22: Waiting for the mail  
June 23: Back on the road and still in the Ozarks  
June 24: Last day in Missouri


June 25: We wobble into Kansas
June 26: Hubs and spokes
June 27: Eureka! It is found!
June 28: Tailwinds and tent camping
June 29: Random acts of friendliness
June 30: Out West
July 1: "Straight as a string"
July 2: Family connections in Scott City
July 3: Last day in Kansas


July 4: Independence Day
July 5: Where the deer and the antelope play  
July 6: Objects in view may be farther than they appear  
July 7: High plains drifters  
July 8: Climbing into the Rockies  
July 9: Rocky Mountain Higher
July 10: Rocky Mountain Highest
July 11: Back to the High Plains
July 12: Last day in Colorado


July 13: Wide open Wyoming  
July 14: Crawlin to Rawlins  
July 15: Riders in the storm  
July 16: Headwinds and road rash  
July 17: Through the Wind River Reservation  
July 18: More of the Winds  
July 19: Up and over to the Grand Tetons  
July 20: National Park Syndrome
July 21:  We enjoy our last day in Wyoming

July 22: Big Sky Country
July 23: Virginia City to the Beaverhead Valley
July 24: Double passing and a Wise choice
July 25: Montana's historic trails
July 26: The home of Adventure Cycling
July 27: Odds and ends on a layover day in Missoula
July 28: To Lolo Hot Springs

July 29: A whole lotta Lochsa  
July 30: Rainy day along the Clearwater River
July 31: Blue skies, White Bird, Salmon River
August 1: More mountainous Idaho


August 2: Bound for Oregon  
August 3: Westward Ho!
August 4: Thunderstorms over the Blue Mountains
August 5: Downhill cruise to Dayville
August 6: Taking it easy to Mitchell  
August 7: More history in Prineville  
August 8: A peak at what's ahead
August 9: Over the Cascades  
August 10: Almost there!  
August 11: "Great joy in camp..."

August 13: Home again
November 9: Epilogue
June 2015: Postscript



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